Day Off We Go

By February 17, 2010One Man

It was supposed to a day off. A jaunty train journey, a few photos, ending at the B&B, in Camberley.

Maybe there’ll be time for a nice stroll around when I get there. I thought, nestled snuggly in ignorance.

Ha, ha, hahhhhhaaaaaaa! cackled the Rain Clouds as they high-fived the Train System. This fool will suffer! And his tour manager too! Ha, ha, h- etc…

Right- five trains and a subway ride later.

The day started off beautifully from

Leicester Sign

Look at the sky!

Blue Sky Building

How did they paint this building the same colour as the sky?

So, we were off to London’sKing's Cross Sign

and from there hop the Tube

It's so easy

It's so easy





On the Tube, I noticed someone had left their gloves on the seat:

Isn't it sad?

Isn't it sad?

(There must be something wrong with me. I see lost things, and I know they have no feelings, but I feel sorry for them.)

The subway was just gross enough for me not to rescue them, love them, squeeze them, name them, and make them mine.

Instead I took a photo and worried about what was going to happen to them.

Trying to move on, I walked out into the cold and rain- because it’s still February and we’re in England. (At least the gloves will be warm on the train car. I reassure myself.) Suddenly, the fact that we’re actually back in London becomes very apparent:



(The gloves are going to be fine.) I smile to myself and look across the train tracks as our train approaches:

Those shoes are screwed.

Those shoes are screwed.

It was as if someone had been disintegrated or the invisible Man had a personal entrance for the train- meaning he’d be standing in the rain naked.

This was getting absurd. How did they even..?

No time- I was off for

Teddington Signso I grabbed my

Walk Me

and away we went.

The journey to Teddington was brief-ish. The walk from the station to my photo session (at an Arts Centre) was through a midday torrential downpour. The Arts Centre however was warm and gorgeous, a converted church and probably older than any building in North America.

Our photographer, Magnus, was waiting along with my publicist friend, Valerie. She’d brought me a sword from the National Theatre to use in the photos.

Sword good.

Sword good.

After two hours of

Work it.

Work it.


Okay, Charlie, this time try not looking so tired and swollen.

Okay, Charlie, this time don't look so tired.

we’re off again from Teddington to

Twickenham Sign

and then onwards to

Ascot Sign


The journey ended in Camberley, where it was too dark to get a photo of the sign.

After the tedious day off journey I was happy to discover our wonderful B&B, complete with a wiener dog who has a Japanese name.

When I came down for coffee in the morning the breakfast room was glowing.

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

By the time I got back to my room (no train journey today-yay!) I had received some sample photos from yesterday’s session:

Teddington Ses 1

Teddington Ses2

Teddington Ses3

I think the day spent battling rain and trains was worth it.

I hope the gloves were found. I hope the invisible man made his train.

Between the lost toupee and soother I saw on the way to Worthing, along with yesterday’s shoes and gloves, I’m getting close to a new outfit and hairdo. What a makeover I could have had.


Tonight we’re at the Camberley Theatre, not surprisingly in Camberley, Surrey. 7:30pm showtime.

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  • Nice photos! Hopefully we’ll see them on some placard ads for the show sometime soon.

    I figure somone is leaving a trail of their clothes/spare items for you to find…At some point they’ll run out though, so hopefully you won’t find this trail-leaver waiting for you at some airport half-nude of something…

    Good luck!

    Edward H.

  • Mikey K D says:

    I just thought I would comment as I enjoy the fact that I was at your first show here in England [yes, the one with the rude woman in the front row, which on behalf of the people of England I can’t apologise enough for] and then you actually visited Twickenham, where I work!

    Things coming full circle pleases me.

    Hope the show is going well! The photo’s are looking great. Keep it up Charlie!

  • Lisa says:

    awwww, poor mittens.

    poor wet you!

    at least you’re good-lookin.

    so there’s that.

    looking forward to the new outfit. but not really.

  • Val says:

    I’m going to save the postage for sending you the next batch of itineraries by leaving them on the Jubilee line. You’re bound to come across them, sooner or later…

  • Thomas Hyam says:

    Hi Charlie!! i saw you at the camberley theatre last night, i was Tom from the group who hung round to meet you after!!!
    the most impressive thing i have seen in a long time!!!
    i loved all the voices you did, especially golum!!!
    good luck with reading tonight hope it all goes as well as camberley
    Thanks for a great evening

  • Kevin Hyam says:

    Hi Charles, thanks for gracing Camberley with your huge talents last night!

    As Tom (my eldest son) has said, it was the most impressive piece of theatre we have seen in a long time.

    Just to correct you on the blog entry slightly, we have all seen the films and some of us have read the books. Only Tom & Oli have experienced neither, but I’m sure having seen it performed in little over an hour, the transition to the full 10-hour epic won’t be too much pain!

    good luck for the rest of the tour, you’d be welcome back in Camberley any time!

    PS – Would you be able to send me an original copy of the photo from last night, so we can send it around our friends?